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A Brief History for Inter-Faith for World Peace Society  

Activities on record:

World Peace Dinner – Debut on June 3rd 2006, and successfully held in subsequent years of 2007 and 2008.

Topics discussed:

Religious Coexistence and Cooperation in a Secular Society    (2006)  View Photos

Our Social Responsibility is to Foster Peace and Harmony    (2007 View Photos

The Harmony of Cultures    (2008 View Photos

Achieving Sustainable World Peace and Order    (2009)  View Photos

Youth Symposium and Recitation                            (2011 View Photos

Youth Symposium and Recitation                            (2013)  View Photos

Peace Forum – Ten sessions of evening forum in four months opened to various ethnic communities and religious groups                       (2008)

Communiqué on Studies of Canadian Multiculturalism – a document based on the summation of studies from views collected in dialogues held between 2006 and 2008. (Chinese original text or English translation copies are available on request)

The roots:

We find solace knowing over 1,500 guests attended our events in the past three years from a cross-section of our society, including prominent figures in the field of medicine, education, business, religion, politics, arts and sciences. Their participation helps fuel the desire of a few individuals who continually seek opportunities for dialogues among different cultural and religious groups. We are thankful to the tenacious leadership of Nature’s Wellness Society which spearheaded in sponsoring the above events that helped lay down the ground works in realizing Inter-Faith for World Peace Society earlier this year.

 Our mission to fostering and promoting interfaith dialogue for the benefit of world peace and harmony is ever so challenging. Your support and contributions are the reasons for our success in the past, and will be the pillars of our platform in future. Our future lies within your active participation. We are looking forward to having you in more meaningful and productive dialogues in years to come.

PEACE TO ALL!    2010, January